NoSQL and CMS – a Match made in Heaven?

As anyone who’s visited planet Earth in the last year or so knows, the NoSQL (“Not Only SQL”) movement is rapidly gaining both momentum and mind share, despite a number of prominent detractors. Rather than entering into a lengthy debate on the general pros and cons of NoSQL technologies, I’d like to reflect on the possible applications of these technologies to the specific problems of content management, a use case that (to my mind) it seems particularly well suited to. I briefly scraped the surface of this topic in a prior post.

As discussed previously what is meant when we refer to a “CMS” varies quite significantly depending on the use case, and my initial focus will be on the impact of NoSQL on CMS’s that target the Web Content Management (WCM) use case, followed with a post on the impact of NoSQL on the Document Management (DM) use case.

Even within the seemingly narrow confines of WCM, we’re discussing (at least!) two different problem domains (Content Production Systems and Presentation Management Systems) that have markedly different requirements (and are arguably unrelated), and I’ll discuss the impact of NoSQL on each of these areas in turn.

Let’s begin!

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  1. As citizen of the Zope/Plone community this trend and discussion is fun to observe. The Z Object Database (ZODB) is about 10 years old and its real NoSQL at a time where the term did not exist. The App-Server Zope uses it and Plone is a popular common WCMS at enterprise level on top of it. I’ll follow your series and looking forward to read your next articles!

    • Thanks for commenting Jens – Zope is one of many technologies I’ve wanted to explore, but (thus far) haven’t found the time.

      And yes, a lot of existing technologies are finding new legs via the “nosql” movement – GT.M, for example, has been aggressively rebranding themselves as a nosql database and they’ve been around since the 1980s!

      To me that’s part of the allure of nosql, and one of the purposes of my post. Currently nosql is a very broad term that includes technologies that have a variety of different goals, some of them orthogonal to one another. My interest is in looking at the various flavours of nosql and finding out which (if any) might be applicable to the various Content Management use cases.

      Exciting times!

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