Lane asks for help

Short post to capture the initial salvo in the “Distributed Denial of Credibility Attack” against one @ljseverson:

Lane asks for help

(addendum: does anyone else find’s HTML auto-cleansing rules annoyingly draconian??)

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After congratulating myself on finding an available and (if I do say so myself) clever name, I’ve just discovered that there is already a Content Curmudgeon out there in the blogosphere. To avoid confusion, I’ve renamed this blog to “The CMS Curmudgeon”, although it appears WordPress won’t allow me to change the URL.

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A new year, a new blog

After finally jumping into this whole blogging phenomenon in 2009 (yes, I’m a luddite as well as a curmudgeon – would that be a “lurmudgeon”?) over on the Alfresco team blog, I realised that I was covering more than just Alfresco specific topics and decided it was high time to split my general interest in Content Management (particularly of the Web variety) from my specific focus on the Alfresco platform.  So what better way to kick off the new year (not to mention a new decade – and yes, I do realise the decade doesn’t officially start for another 12 months) with a new blog!

For my first act, I plan to (finally) fulfill a promise I made to Justin Cormack, outlining my bottom 10 predictions for 2010.  What else would you expect from a curmudgeon?  😉

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